Find Employment & Training Services- In Ontario -

Search Tips


The Quick Search will match at least one of the words that you entered. To search for an exact phrase, use double-quotation marks.

Example 1: Search for Second Career with no Postal Code entered (default is all of Ontario) will find all records with “second” or “career” in the name or taxonomy indices (479 results). Searching for “Second Career” will find all records where the phrase “Second Career” appears in the name or taxonomy indices (383 results).

What services are available near me?

Step 1: Tell us what kind of help you need.

There are four different search option menus to choose from. To view the program/service options under each menu, click on the drop-down menu arrow (on the right).

Step 2: Tell us where you are

Enter a postal code, town or city.

For example, the Ottawa (City of) option shows results for the new amalgamated City of Ottawa, including locations like Nepean, Kanata and Gloucester. A search for Ottawa excludes outlying areas like Gloucester, Neapean, etc.


Enter a six-character postal code with no spaces. You see the nearest 100 services.

Step 3: Tell us if you want services that focus on a specific group of people

Select services specially designed for one of the target groups in the list.

For example, almost all services are available to Aboriginal people, but when you select Aboriginal from this list, you will only see services that are exclusively designed for the unique needs of Aboriginal people.


Note that the initial results of your search will be a list of programs physically located in the town or area you have identified, as those will likely be of most use to you.

If you’d like the list to include all programs that serve the area (whether or not they are located in the area), click the link at the top of the page that says Click here for results that serve the larger area.

If in your initial search, no programs can be found that are physically located in the town or area you name, the system will instead automatically present you with a list of programs that, though not located in the area, provide services to that area as part of their mandate.